Promise of Premises!

The Cake Architect, Bradford-on-Avon
The Cake Architect, Bradford-on-Avon

WE’VE FOUND A SHOP! For real this time! And it’s an absolute gem! Right in the heart of our picturesque town of Bradford-on-Avon, you won’t miss it if you’re driving through! The front overlooks the roundabout by the bridge, and the back borders Bradford’s new development, Lamb’s Yard. This spot will have the most passing trade of anywhere in Bradford! 

Not only is it a shop …. we are renting the entire three story Georgian building. The shop on the ground floor, and a flat above for us to live in! The shop is long and thin, perfect for our retail shopfront with cupcake bar, and kitchen at the back for all the baking and decorating. It’s got a sizeable window display just waiting to be adorned with beautiful wedding cakes! 

Upstairs, there is a floor for kitchen/livingroom, and above that, a bedroom and bathroom. It’s tiny, but adorably quirky with tiny winding staircases and a gorgeous little fireplace. We will literally be living above our cake shop. If that’s not living the dream I don’t know what is. And think of David’s commute… 

Stay tuned and I will of course keep you updated with any developments! 

Esther x

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