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The Cake Architect, Bradford-on-Avon
The Cake Architect, Bradford-on-Avon

We did it! Opening day was a HUGE success. We all stood proudly in our Cake Architect aprons, and watched as David ceremoniously cut the ribbon and pronounced his shop open! All our nearest and dearest family and friends were there to show their support, and help us man the shop. The fridge on the counter was crammed full of gorgeous cupcakes like delicious jewels, with six lovely flavours to choose from. The coffee machine was heated, stocked and ready to go. Free cake tasters were passed around, and people flowed in to be among the first to try out the cupcakes!

We sold countless boxes of 6 to those who wanted to try one of each flavour, single cupcakes and coffees for the road, and a few giant boxes of 12 to the true cake fanatics. By the end of the day, our faces ached from grinning, and everything else had gone numb with the effort of the last week. Somehow, the adrenaline kept us going!

The atmosphere was incredible. There was so much love and support for us and our new venture. And most of all, pride and admiration for David, whose dedication to his dream has finally paid off! He has shown boundless strength and courage, and achieved something really damn impressive.

It has been a long road, and he has faced some insane challenges – hell, the first time he said he wanted to make cake for a living we pretty much all laughed at him! He’s taught himself from scratch, watching thousands of youtube videos on how to decorate, and learning from the leaders of the industry. Then he wrote his enormous business case, calculating and researching every tiny aspect of his crazy plan. He worked in the industry, he built a portfolio, he created a brand, and then he practised, practised, practised! Next came the struggles for finding the perfect shop, finding the money, and much freaking out about the risk we were hurling ourselves into.

And suddenly, HERE WE ARE. Words don’t seem enough to express how proud I am. Love you David xxx

The Cake Architect, Bradford-on-Avon

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