Corporate Cakes

Cakes that Mean Business

Nothing sweetens a business deal or creates consensus like delicious cake to go with the coffee. At the Cake Architect we can make any corporate affair a memorable occasion which your colleagues, clients and investors will talk about for months after.

We can bake, sculpt and decorate an amazing show-stopping centrepiece cake for the boardroom, conference venue, presentation table – in fact anywhere you wish – in your brand colours, with a logo, or any decoration of your choice.

Our award-winning cake designer, David Waldren, is also at your disposal to design and hand-make spectacular customised cupcakes and other sweet treats like flavoursome macarons, brownie bites and iced biscuits.

Sweet Corporate Gifts

Adding cake to any corporate event is sure to pay dividends, particularly our hand-crafted, bespoke specialities.

Gluten free and vegan options are available, and if you want a signature flavour or filling for your corporate cake we’ll take on any challenge. Our cakes taste as good on the inside as they look on the outside.

Our boxed cupcakes and delicious delicacies also make superb and unusual corporate gifts when you want to make an impression with a present that everyone and anyone will appreciate.

We take orders for corporate cakes that are made with care and consideration in our Bradford-on-Avon cake shop for delivery to just about anywhere in the UK.

The Icing on the Cake

The return on investing in a bespoke branded corporate cake goes beyond just giving your staff or clients a thrill. Our beautifully hand-crafted cakes also make for fantastic PR opportunities – after all, there’s nothing more “Instagrammable” than a sculpted cake with the “wow” factor for racking up likes and shares on your business profile.

When it comes to achieving a tasteful design for your corporate cake – large or small – we’ll make the most of your branding and logo after giving due consideration to the positioning, voice, style, look and feel of your brand message.

Metaphorically speaking our clever cakes will tempt your clientele to delve below the icing on the surface to discover whether your business offering on the inside is consistent with the awesome outside.

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